Vaterra Twin Hammers DT – The Snow Rally

By Remote Addicted
In Videos
Jan 24th, 2016

The snow arrived – finally! And we just wanted to get that Vaterra Twin Hammers DT into an unusual terrain for a desert truck – snow! The only thing we did was a diff locker for the front differential. We thought that would be much more funny and it would be much more easier to move forward. And we were right. The temps increased and the snow started to melt. Therefore the snow was between very sticky and very icy. It wasn’t easy to drive a straight line nor to get the truck into the right position for the video (it would have been much harder with the open front diff) – but we guess we did a great job – and it made a lot of fun. Being outside, getting fresh air and driving our RC through a snowy forest. Enjoy the snow rally.

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