The RC Year 2019 in Review!

By Remote Addicted
In Videos
Jan 1st, 2020

Here we go guys! Happy New Year! The old year is gone, may the new year bring you and your beloved ones health, happiness and many new RC’s. 2019 was a nice RC year but I had to reduce RCing a little bit. I had a lot work so I wasn’t able to create more than one video per week. It was a year without a single competition but many cool fun runs with friends and lots of trailing and rallying. My rally and scale rig fleet is growing and growing and this is definitely something I want to continue in the new year.

I want to thank everybody for supporting me throughout the years. Looking forward to cool chats with lots of new and old friends I’ve gained since I’m doing YouTube. ?

So let us look back at the past year with the finest of memories.Cheers

Charlie ?

Subscribing is EPIC! <3

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