Team Associated Tc6.1 Savöx powered viewing

By Remote Addicted
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Jan 28th, 2014

The Team Associated TC6.1 Worlds Car is a great and fast car. It’s definitely one of the top touring cars. In winter you do not have a lof of possbilities to run the touring car. I build the Team Associated TC6.1 Worlds Car during my Christmas Holidays. For powering the car I used Savöx electronic. As a servo I used the low profile Savöx SC1251MG digital. As ESC the new Savöx Razor 160a and for the motor I used the Savöx BLH-3650 4.5 turn 8000kv with 784watts power.

Watch the video how installed components of my Team Associated TC6.1 Worlds Car sound like and see how it accelerates on the car stand.

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