Team Associated Sc8.2e Slow motion BMX bash

By Remote Addicted
In Videos
Aug 5th, 2013

One of my very first videos with the Team Associated Sc8.2e. On a lonley BMX Track in my hometown I took my new GoPro Hero3 Black Edition and drove several times around the track with my brand new Team Associated Sc8.2e factory team tuned Short Course truck. I put the GoPro on a lot of different places with a lot of different angles. The Team Associated Sc8.2e with Lucas Slick Mist decals just looks awesome. I filmed the whole movie with the GoPro with 100 fps what made the slow motion effect much smoother than with 60 fps. I edited the small clips with iMovie.

The song: Music: SubVibe-Burn (Fonik-Remix)

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