Team Associated Sc8.2e Short Course RC Drift in Slow motion

By Remote Addicted
In Videos
Aug 13th, 2013

How and why I created the Team Associated Sc8.2e Short Course RC Drift. A lot people drift common 1/10 rc drift cars. I owe one too but this was not what I wanted to do. So I took my Team Associated Sc8.2e out to a short course rc drift. I lowered the droop so that the Sc8.2e had about 5mm chassis clearance. The other thing I did was turning the shock collar downwards so to have a lower spring rate. The short course rc drift truck got a lot harder with the adjustments. I did not adjust the shock oil. The other thing I did not do was changing the differential oils. I drove with my racing setup of 10k front/5k center/5k rear.

The Team Associated Sc8.2e would probably have drifted better with a thinner oil in the rear and a locked center diff – but this would have gone beyond the scope 🙂 I just wanted to create a simple short course rc drift video.

I used the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition for all shots and angles with 100 fps – iMovie for video editing.

NOTE: I used the song “Bullettrain from Stephen Swartz which was royality free while editing the video. I did all the video cuts suitable to the beats. But some month later I got a complaint from YouTube regarding copyright. That’s why I had to deactivate the sound. I’m sorry for that.

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