Team Associated Sc8.2e RTR Speed Run with Stock Electronics

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Aug 15th, 2013

The Team Associated Sc8.2e RTR was my first 1/8 scale Ready-to-Run rc car. When I unboxed the Sc8.2e I was amazed who huge it was. Compared to the Team Associated RC8.2 Factory Team, the sc8.2e is a lot bigger. This comes from the huge body and the Team Associated RC8T chassis which is longer than the Rc8.2 buggy chassis.

When buying a rc car you want to know how fast it is unless it is a crawler or a scale rc or what ever. Well I wanted to know how fast my brand new Team Associated Sc8.2e RTR Short Course Race Truck will be with stock electronics. Stock electronics for the Team Associated Sc8.2e RTR means using the Reedy 1515-sl 2000kv motor with the XP SC-1300 BL Esc. I used the Wellpower 4S 5200maH 50C Lipo from Lindinger wich gives a lot punch.

The only thing I did was upgrading parts which do not affect speed. I lowered the chassis height for less aerodynamic drag. I did the speed run with the Team Associated Sc8.2e RTR body and just with the roll cage. The speed difference was 0.5 km/h.

With body: 63.7 km/h
Without body 64.2 km/h

Sadly I couldn’t test a 5S Lipo or 6S Lipo because the ECS and brushless motor do not support higher voltage than 14.8 volts.

Here’s a list of used upgrades:

Team Associated SC8.2e upgrades:
– Steering servo: Thundertiger XP DS1015MG
– Big Bore FT Shocks front and rear
– FT Steering Blocks
– FT Top Plate
– FT Chassis Brace front and rear
– FT Suspension A/B/C and D-plate with FT Hinge Pings
– FT Light Outdrive front and rear
– RC8.2 Mud Guards
– FT Carbon Steering Rack
– BMM Aluminum Shock Spring Holder

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