Team Associated Rc8.2 factory team on track

By Remote Addicted
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Aug 17th, 2013

This was the first time i drove my Team Associated Rc8.2 Factory Team on a track. The track had loose dirt and was very dusty. The GoPro on the rear wing made driving around the track much harder than expected. The Team Associated Rc8.2 Factory Team handled better than expected even with the plus of weight on the rear axle and the wrong tires.

I drove the kit set up on the team associated rc8.2 factory team what means that the differential setup is 5k front, 5k center and 5 rear. I just replaced the stock shock springs (silver) with the blue ones which are a little bit thicker.

All in all the Team Associated Rc8.2 Factory Team is an awesome buggy with great handling.

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