Team Associated RC8.2 Factory Team Parking Bash

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Aug 16th, 2013

The Team Associated RC8.2 Factory Team as the first buggy I bought after a rc break of almost two decades. I just wanted to get a durable and great buggy. To be honest the Team Associated RC8.2 wasn’t that cheap. But I knew that getting into the RC hobby with full awesomeness would empty my purse really fast – and it was worth the money.

Beneath the Team Associated RC8.2 Factory Team Kit I needed a lot of other stuff so that I can drive. It wasn’t Ready-to-Run, it was a kit. To complete the kit I needed:

– a .21 nitro engine (OS Speed 21 XZ-B)
– a muffler (Mielke 2041 EFRA)
– a steering servo (Savöx SC-1258 TG)
– a gas/brake servo (Savöx SC*1257 TG)
– a hump battery pack for the servos (LRP LiFePo RC Pack 2000maH)
– a charger for the hump battery pack (Graupner Ultramat 14 Plus)
– a radio (Spektrum DX3C DSM 2.4 Ghz)
– a 2 channel receiver (Spektrum SR 300)
– a glow driver (Green RC glow driver)
– a nitro starter box (Robitronic 1/8 with 2 x 775 motors)
– a tires
– paint/color for the polycarbonate body
– and last but not least nitro fuel.

After the whole kit was assembled I had to break in the engine. There are hundreds of different opinions on who to break in a nitro engine. I search several days to find out that you should break in the nitro engine as it says in the manual – it prevents you from a lot of stress and maybe a damaged engine.

Well after the engine was ready to 100% throttle I drove the buggy on several tracks and I loved it. But to get back to the title some of my friends like to drive on parking lots with street tires. And to be honest … driving with some friends on streets makes a lot of fun too. In my optinion a buggy can be driven everywhere. As long as it makes fun you can drive it everywhere. Fun is the main thing you have when driving with a rc car.

That’s why I try to drive my Team Associated RC8.2 quite everywhere. It’s simple awesome!

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