Tamiya Lunchbox Black Edition- Vanessa Raging through Snow

By Remote Addicted
In Videos
Feb 8th, 2020

Hi guys! In January 2019 I already tried to bash the lunchbox in snow but it was impossible to drive her. I thought I had massive traction problems and the lunchbox just didn’t want to move. I was pushing the lunchbox to the ground and accelerated but the tires didn’t move. After that I ordered a new set of gears because I thought the gears were stripped. And when the gears arrived I tried to reproduce the issue.

… and guess what? ? I just noticed that the tires weren’t glued to the wheels. When accelerating the wheels turned but the tires stood still ?? Now I still got a some spare gears here. Hahaha! Sometimes the brain just quits working for a moment. This time the wheels were glued to the tires and now everything worked properly! Enjoy the run guys. ?

Subscribing is EPIC! <3

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