Tamiya FF-02 RWD Vintage Lancia Stratos – No filter, no music, 100% speed

By Remote Addicted
In Videos
Jun 15th, 2019

Hi guys, I’ve been working on a rear wheel drive modded Tamiya FF-02 chassis. Pretty hard to find some parts for the old FF-02 chassis. Fortunately there are Tamiya TL-01 and Tamiya M-03 parts that fit the old FF-02 chassis, so I was able to put the whole RWD rig together. There’s no music, no filter and just 4 seconds slow motion at the start. Everything else is 100% speed.

The first run showed me that the front is still too heavy and that I need to lose weight at the front or add weight to the rear. I actually purchased some HPI retro wheels and HPI vintage tires which I will soon test out with the optimized setup. Enjoy the run guys 👌

Subscribing is SEXY! <3

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