RC4WD Desert Runner Ford F-150 Raptor – My personal maiden run after 15 months

By Remote Addicted
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Feb 29th, 2020

It’s been an eternity … Can you remember the maiden run with the RC4WD Desert Runner Hero Ford F-15 Raptor shortly after its release in November 2018? This video: https://youtu.be/qAaw8PC53rw

It was a friends truck because mine hasn’t arrived at the time. Well after I’ve received it I totally messed up the body and it was impossible to get a new body. I contacted RC4WD but they weren’t able to get a new body. I also contaced JD Models but never received an answer. Well months later … in July 2019 a friend told me that I should contact JSScale regarding the body. I sent the body to France but JSScale couldn’t fix the body. Fortuantely they were able to find a new body for me and paint it in a damn nice yellow. A big thank you to JSScale for the effort and the perfect job!

So … long story short … i finally got my RC4WD Desert Runner Ford F-150 Hero and i’m so happy that it performs very nice after some mods. The maiden run was epic and I can’t wait to get the beauty out on the trails again.

Enjoy my friends! ?

Subscribing is EPIC! <3

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