RC Mercedes Benz G-Wagon – #1: Maiden Run through the mud

By Remote Addicted
In Videos
Feb 15th, 2020

Hello! It was a tough time building this truck and I wasn’t sure if I will regret building it or not. Transforming the Vaterra Ascender chassis and putting a body onto it was one of the hardest builds I’ve done so far.

First I installed a front motor mount and a transfer case (from GCM) and shortened the track width of the axles. The next step was to install shock mounts and install shorter shock at the rear. Well this was the easy part. The harder part was to fit the body onto the chassis. I had to trim a lot to get it installed. A big thank you to Insane RC Custom Builds for installing a pretty cool body mount to get the beast running.

Now the rig is done and can run again after 1,5 years. Enjoy the maiden run with the Mercedes G Wagon ?

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