Rc Car Bashing on BMX Track with my Sc8.2e

By Remote Addicted
In Videos
Aug 18th, 2013

Well this was not my first rc car bashing but my first rc car bashing caught on video. I did the rc car bashing with my Team associated Sc8.2e. It’s a brushless rc car bashing monster and doens’t make such a noise like the nitro, so no problems on the track which is the middle of the city. For filming I used my GoPro Hero3 Black Edition. A mass of different angles and my first time editing a video on my iMac via iMovie wasn’t that easy. I used the song “Architects” from “Rise Against” which was perfect. Every single cut fitted perfect. I uploaded my rc car bashing video to YouTube but the video got kicked due to copyright infringement. Well that’s why I just changed the song without doing any recuts on the video.

That’s why the song and the cuts do not fit anymore but so what 🙂

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