Feiyue Brave FY-12 4WD – Brushless Bashing (stock shocks)

By Remote Addicted
In Videos
Mai 15th, 2018

Hey guys! Here’s the first brushless run with the Brave FY-12. You may notice that the truck is hopping around and almost won’t stop doing it. This is because of the shitty shocks that can be found in those cheap trucks. I already installed some oil filled shocks but not in this video. The video with the new shocks will come soon. I also do plan to do a speed run on 2S and 3S. Stay tuned and enjoy the show 🙂

Grab your Feiyue FY-12 1212 RC Car: http://remoteaddicted.com/feiyue-brave-rc-fy-12-4wd/

Parts for brushless upgrade:
– 2838 Waterproof Motor 4500KV & 35A ESC: http://remoteaddicted.com/2838-Motor-4500KV-35A-ESC-Combo-waterproof/
– Feiyue Upgraded FY-S3 2_8 KG 3 Wire Servo: http://remoteaddicted.com/Feiyue-Upgraded-Servo-FY-S3/

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