ECX Torment 1/18 Brushless Speed Run – 3S Lipo

By Remote Addicted
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May 25th, 2016

I was asked if I could do a 3S speed run with the Torment 1/18. The first time i tried it – i had no camera with me. With the Leopard 4800kv motor the Torment ran 60 kmh (37,3 mph) on 3S. The second time, the rear diff blew. Now, after several month, we managed to do a 3s speed run.

Just so you know: if you want to upgrade to brushless – if it makes sense or not – do not drive the truck on 3S. Why?

– not really funny anymore 🙂
– way too light
– short wheelbase
– very unstable on higher speeds
– differentials very weak (no easy upgrades available)

– Motor: SkyRC Toro 6100kv (great speed on 2S)
– ESC: Mamba Micro Pro
– Receiver: Spektrum SR300
– Pinion: 16t Robinson Racing
– Spur gear: 60t Hot Racing steel spur gear for Losi Mini 8igtht
– 30k diff-oil front (could blow your diff 🙂 )

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5 Responses to “ECX Torment 1/18 Brushless Speed Run – 3S Lipo”

  1. Rudy says:

    So are the gears you upgraded to (16T and 60T) able to be direct replacement or is some modification needed to fit them in?

  2. Hi Rudy, no modification needed.

  3. Rudy says:

    Thanks for the help and quick response. I am new to the hobby and the plastic gears they come with didn’t last long even with the stock motor. I am ready for an upgrade!

  4. Faden says:

    i just upgraded to a ezrun 5200kv 18t brushless. i was wondering if you had any problems with stripping the plastic gears in the right or back transmissions ?

  5. Hi Faden, yes the gears and the diff gears strip almost every time I run it. Honestly, I’m done with the little one. I stopped searching for ways to make it more durable. But Maybe some Mini Losi 8ight parts will fit the Torment/Ruckus

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