Brave RC FY-12 Brushless – My 4 years old Daughter’s RC bashing session

By Remote Addicted
In Videos
Nov 17th, 2019

Good afternoon guys! Time is rare actually and this weekend is/was daughter time. So I asked my 4 years old little girl if if she would like to get out for a bashing session. She was immediately hooked and also wanted to choose the RC car. Oh yeah! She chose the red and orange one, the Feiyue Brave RC FY-12 (brushless). The FY-12 hasn’t been moved for more than a year so it was definitely time for some beating. Yes, beating!

My daughter drove fantastic after I told her to focus on the car while driving and not on planes or other disturbing things. You know, the attention span of little kids is shorter than run time of Tamiyas batteries from the 80s ? Enjoy the bashing session of the 4 years old sunshine. ?

Subscribing is EPIC! <3

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