Boom Racing BRX01 Toyota LC70 – Finally ready to run!

By Remote Addicted
In Videos
Jul 28th, 2019

Hey guys. I did it! I finished my new truck and was able to run the beauty for the first time. The Boom Racing BRX01 is a fantastic scale chassis. As many of you know the Killerbody LC70 is a super scale body too. I painted the truck in moss green for a decent hunter look 🙂
The following mods/upgrades have been installed:


  • Boom Racing BRX01 Skid Plate
  • Boom Racing BRX01 Leaf Springs
  • Boom Racing BRX01 Leaf Sping Skid Slider
  • Boom Racing BRX01 Quick Body Release
  • Robitronic 55T Crawler Motor
  • Modellbauregler AS12/35RW Truck Evo III ESC
  • Savöx SW-1210SG Servo


  • Killerbody Movable Doors
  • Killerbody Movable Hood
  • Killerbody Interor
  • Killerbody Metal Lock Catch
  • CCHand Mudflaps
  • CCHand Exhaust (not installed)

Enjoy the run guys! I hope you like the beauty 🙂

Subscribing is SEXY! <3

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