Boom Racing BRX01 Toyota Land Cruiser – How to start a great day!

By Remote Addicted
In Videos
Sep 8th, 2019

Hey guys! Since I’m actually pretty busy I haven’t the chance and time to do my “tagged” video. So I took some footage of my BRX01 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 and created a not too long video.

The Boom Racing BRX01 just crawles so great that I could videofy it the whole time 😀 But in the little time I actually have, I already ordered some great things. … prepare for some cool rigs in the next few weeks. I was working on the Bugzilla … there will be some videos of a nice looking super scale Mercedes G Wagon as well as stuff from the mighty RC4WD Hero!

I hope you guys enjoy the trail run with my actually favourite rig 🙂 Have a great Sunday guys.


Subscribing is SEXY! <3

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