1/24 Carisma MSA-1E RTR Subaru Brat – Tiny Maiden Crawl

By Remote Addicted
In Videos
Nov 24th, 2018

Hey friends! I got a fantastic tiny rig from Carisma and I just wanted to show you how cool the Carisma MSA-1E can crawl. I ran the tiny crawler with a 260mah 2S Lipo and it just worked fantastic. But see how cool the Carisma MSA-1E Subaru Brat can crawl. Oh, I forgot to mention that there’s no music and no big editing 🙂 So now enjoy the run.

Get your own 1/24 Carisma truck here: http://remoteaddicted.com/products/carisma_msa1e

Hard facts:
– Full Time 4WD with Locked Diffs
– Brand New 2.4G KD PROPO Radio. With Smart Throttle (Beginner mode, Intermediate and Expert Throttle Profile)
– Brand New KD PROPO RX/ESC with Smart Drag brake
– built in 5V Port for FPV module and LED Port ready
– AA Batteries included
– Velcro Style Body attachment
– Spring Dampers

– Length: 223.75mm
– Width: 99.75mm
– Height: 119.36mm
– Wheelbase: 125mm

Subscribing is SEXY! <3

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