Sense Innovations ESS-ONE – Engine Sound Simulator

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Feb 1st, 2015

First time I read about the ESS-One (Engine Sound System) was via the Team Associated website. The sound system from Sense Innovations recently catched my attention. Unfotunately the ESS-One via the Team Associated website was more expensive than I was willed to pay for. So I got it cheaper from without the Team Associated branding.



The engine sound system from Sense Innovations is a great sound system which just needs to be plugged in between your ESC and the receiver. Easy installation and ready to go.

What comes within the box?

– The speaker
– a USB link to update the system or change engine, brake, horn or turbo sounds
– a y-cable to connect ESC and ESS-One to the receiver
– a cable to plug in the system to the battery via a Deans (T-Plug) Connector


The setup is quite easy. You need to setup the ESS-One like a ESC because the system needs to know the trigger position of the radio. So plug in the system via the Y-cable with your ESC to the radio, connect it with the battery and follow the instructions within the manual to set it up. Then do a proper wiring and you are ready to go.

A main thing is where to mount the speaker. It’s not a big speaker but it isn’t small too. I mounted the speaker between the front shocks using a plastic mount/stripe which I found in the box of my Spektrum radio. The stripes are used to zip tie the radio down to the box. The plastic striped fit perfect to the body mounts of the Axial Scx10.

sense innovations ess-one

The ESS-One is great but not perfect. Even at maximum volume you still can hear the motor. Another thing I recognized was when changing very fast from forward to backward the system needs a little bit to change the sound.

The main problem for me was the software. There is definitely room for improvement.

– the software installation is in chinese or any other kind of asian language which I do not understand. So I had luck to click on “next” instead of clicking “abort”.
– the software is for PC only. You’re f**ked when you’re an Apple user. I had to get parallels desktop as well as a copy of windows to run the software. <= expensive.

All in all I like the system. I didn’t try it out during trails since the ESS-One is for a new project.

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